24 karat

Late August 2013 I installed this preliminary work at the White Rabbit Open Air residency in Economy, Nova Scotia. My piece is located in an old orchard, with all the tree scars covered as above, in gold leaf. I will be installing this work for the 2014 Uncommon Common Art event in King’s county NS.

In people, scars reveal clues to the history of a life lived. They are not wounds any longer; in fact, they are a testament to endurance – stronger and less likely to be injured in the future. Curiously, a tree contends with a limb removal by growing bark over the edge and sealing itself off from infection or burrowing insects. This process often continues to reveal the inner wood at the center.

The application of 24-karat gold leaf to these interior surfaces aims to initiate dialogue through metaphor with the viewer on the intrinsic qualities of valuation. How should we look at the personal experiences of injury and healing? As a wider discussion, valuation of ecological sustainability and economic systems of our Nova Scotian natural resources. The question at the crux of 24 Karat: what and how should we prioritize our development, both personally and as a society?

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