The Work of Wolves

Short video of The Work of Wolves in the Apple Blossom Parade exhibition/performance

The Apple Blossom Festival and parade occurs shortly before the Uncommon Common Art project season opening, and gave the organization the unique opportunity to expose a broader audience to present contemporary public art through the annual Grand Street parade on a single Saturday afternoon in Kentville. It is truly one of the Festival’s premier events as thousands line the streets in all sorts of weather to be a part of this annual celebration. Begun in 1933, hundreds of entries make up one of Canada’s largest street parades including bands, marching units, equestrian entries; floats from participating communities, and floats representing local businesses and organizations.

Uncommon Common Art was able to commission this moveable sculpture or “float” with the support of a grant from Arts Nova Scotia. The “Work of Wolves” reflects our mutual philosophies and values in a fun, interesting, and accessible way. The aesthetic considerations for the work relate to the rural environment and will be exhibited/performed in upcoming Apple Blossom Festival Parades (i.e. until ~2021). We were offered fabrication space for the Work of Wolves in the storeroom of Amazing Savingz Warehouse in Burnside. My immense thanks goes out to their generosity and the business, who happened to have a giant sheep (or three) for sale, among many other incredible items!

In keeping with both UCA and Winton’s shared community based approach to art making and presentation, each year the “exhibition” of the artwork will utilize the UCA human powered pack of volunteers, board members, artists, and supporters to move the “float/artwork” along the Apple Blossom Parade route.

Presented via commission from Uncommon Common Art, supported by:

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