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Photos by participants and Hannah Minzloff Presented by MSVU Art Gallery, in partnership with Alliance Française Halifax, Balad’arts: Wandering with Art is a series of monthly French language walks in the Hydrostone area of K’jipuktuk (Halifax), in collaboration with Sophie Pilipczuk. Over the course of the hour-long walk, the group discussed themed aspects of


August 2018 My works are always context specific, and having considered the theme of Art In The Open for 2018, “Future Tense”, my sculptural response was a project titled — waterline—, a social sculpture made through community participation during a residency at this town is small Charlottetown, PEI’s artist run center

The Dominion of Then and Now : lunch on the line

This project, situated in Kings County, Nova Scotia, brings people together to experience art as a community. Until very recently, this valley region had shared another communal history – that of the Dominion Atlantic Railway. The DAR tied communities together through a rich and diverse intersection of international trade, cargo

Bloomfield Awaits

On the side of the Bloomfield Centre in North end Halifax., there is a 1940’s style school speaker. I had been noticing it for some time as I passed by for breakfast or to take my son to the park. The Bloomfield Centre is a historic location that now acts

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