24 karat

Late August 2013 I installed this preliminary work at the White Rabbit Open Air residency in Economy, Nova Scotia. My piece is located in an old orchard, with all the tree scars covered as above, in gold leaf. I will be installing this work for the 2014 Uncommon Common Art

Bloomfield Awaits

On the side of the Bloomfield Centre in North end Halifax., there is a 1940’s style school speaker. I had been noticing it for some time as I passed by for breakfast or to take my son to the park. The Bloomfield Centre is a historic location that now acts

Community Compass

This project which was a funded 4Cs project in the spring of 2012. The 4Cs is committed to the concept that time spent creating together fosters lasting connections between the children and the community members. I collaborated with three other local artists: Heather Wilkinson, Jyelle Vogel (the artists who proposed

Dwell: the colony

This project brought to light the small overlooked niches set into buildings in six small installations for Nocturne 2012 viewers, as they wandered the downtown core. Each one was filled with a glowing light and a translucent cover, the surface of each installation mimicking the texture of the wall surrounding


This piece was created just before Mother’s Day. Non-toxic materials were used – remnants of the work remain to this day on Kaye Street in Halifax.

The Whites

When I arrived in Halifax, I was very interested in the appearance of the old pipes found on the exterior of old residences. I was raised in Ontario, where oil heating is almost non-existent, and so, as an uninitiated observer, I often looked upon those old pipes and found it

Other work

Other random work Some of the things I do, just doesn’t fit neatly into categories!

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