Poetry on Tiptoes

WHO: Do you live near Charlottetown? Do you like parades? We will be looking for participants for the “Gold Cup & Saucer Parade” on August 15th, 2020

WHAT: We will imagine, write, discuss, make, and walk together in the parade

WHY: A fun way to meet new people! All materials are supplied. All are welcome to join in. No commitment or experience necessary

INTERESTED? email me: rispublica@gmail.com

This project is just beginning!

It is planned to occur leading up to this year’s Gold Cup & Saucer Parade, which occurs at the culmination of Charlottetown, PEI’s “Old Home Week”. Registrants’ have the potential to engage in this ‘public sphere’ via their own floats, which are the visible elements of the reflected community, allowing for the recognition of one’s individual values, and the issues at hand in one’s social circles[1], while incorporating a concept of “New Home Week”. In particular, we are inviting newcomers to Canada to participate alongside longtime residents. The parade also coincides with the beginning of Charlottetown’s Art in The Open – creating an opportunity to combine these two events through this project.

[1] This is what artist Suzanne Lacy calls the “activated value system” of the audience that art has the ability to connect with. Her public performances demand audience consideration, by bringing disregarded social and urban issues to the forefront. This activation could be seen as blurring the distinction between ‘high art’ and social practice taking place on the tableau of society.

This project has been made possible with support from Art in the Open 2019.

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