Ris Publica V.1 – 2016

Ris Publica V1 documentation clip

This project, Ris Publica, proposes the site of the civic parade as a unique possibility, as an event that carries forward a history and infrastructure of civic culture, while containing potential for the enactment of a diverse civic identity (articulating the chains of equivalence in the various public spheres). In a humorous form of open, generous and joyful participation, the project ensconces itself in the event of the parade, by creating the semblance of conventional float entries.

Ris Publica (trans. Public Laughter), Version 1, occurred on Monday August 1st, from 10:30 am until noon, along the Dartmouth waterfront as part of Halifax’s civic parade on Natal Day Parade. Four unique floats were included:

Domestic Cleansing – performers sweep around the rolling carpet Good Intentions – performers work with the tools of a paving crew; Lorem Ipsum [dolor sit amet] – a group of performers carry a banner Sweet Nothings – oversized “candy” barricade with wheels.

For additional written information about Ris Publica, and many other extraordinary projects please visit the 2017 exhibit host : Project Anywhere

For a short video, visit my youtube link  The video was created with financial support from Arts Nova Scotia, and technical support from TrueFaux films.

I would like to acknowledge support from the following:

Arts Nova Scotia


Ocean Contracting


Resnick Family Fund for Student Creativity, Nova Scotia College of Art & Design

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