Bloomfield Awaits

On the side of the Bloomfield Centre in North end Halifax., there is a 1940’s style school speaker. I had been noticing it for some time as I passed by for breakfast or to take my son to the park. The Bloomfield Centre is a historic location that now acts as a community hub. The ownership of the property has been migrated to The Imagine Bloomfield Society and Housing NS, and is finally at the brink of transition into a more useful and productive center.  They both supported my contribution to the discussion surrounding the future of the Centre in my own fashion, via a small site-specific artwork that incorporates the aforementioned speaker.

I have created a small installation that I feel addresses the sentiments of the Centre awaiting its destiny. I have fashioned (from copper) a decorative party hat, complete with pom-pom and ribbons which, when installed above the speaker, visually transforms that forgotten speaker into a New Year’s Eve style celebratory “noisemaker”- one that has been waiting for some time.

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